Brattleboro Veterinary Clinic

852 Marlboro Road
Brattleboro, VT 05301





  • Crager Boardman Jr., DVM
  • Pamela Sorton, VMD
  • Lauren Schneski, DVM
  • Leann McCollum, DVM


  • Preventative Health Care
  • Medical Services
  • Surgery
  • Dental
  • Laboratory
  • Referrals



We are pleased to welcome Leann McCollum, DVM to our practice.  She comes to us from VESH and is Fear Free Certified.

Dr. Schneski is now a certified Fear Free Veterinarian.  See for more information on the Fear Free philosophy.

COVID-19 Safety Precautions

We are taking the following safety measures to reduce the risk of Corona Virus transmission to our staff and clients:

  • We are limiting access to the clinic to staff only at this time. Exceptions can be made for special circumstances.
  • When you arrive at the clinic for an appointment or to pick up medication or pet food, please ring the buzzer at the end of the walk way to let us know you are here.  Please remain on the premises during your pet’s appointment unless otherwise directed.
  • A staff member will meet you, take pertinent information and bring your pet into the clinic or deliver your medication/food to you.
  • Upon completion of exam and treatment of your pet, he/she will be returned to you along with an invoice for the service provided. At that time, the staff person will take your credit card, check, or cash(We are not able to accept any bills larger than a $20) to process inside and bring you a receipt. 
  • There are some minor issues with your pet and his treatment that can be answered by our staff via phone call or email, so please feel free to email or call us so we can direct your pet’s case to the appropriate person for a response.
  • Additionally, clients are encouraged to call in requests for medication refills and prescription diet food pick-up 48 hours ahead. At that time, you are encouraged to pre-pay with your credit/debit/Care Credit card. 

Thank you for your patience during this challenging time!

After hours emergency care is provided by the Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital in Deerfield, MA. All clients should feel free to contact VESH directly at 413-665-4911.

Please click on the Seasonal Tips & Resources tab to see our FAQ’s regarding COVID-19