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Dr. Schneski gets some help from Bowie

Dr. Schneski gets some help from Bowie

Bringing your pet in for an annual physical exam is a good way to screen for common medical issues. It also gives you the opportunity to discuss with your veterinarian any recent health or behavioral changes you’ve noticed in your pet. These check-ups are important because dogs and cats age much more quickly than humans and are prone to some of the same diseases. It is important to monitor your pet’s health with routine blood screenings as it ages beginning around the age of 7-8 years old.

Annual vaccinations for dogs and cats help to protect them from diseases such as rabies and distemper. You can read more about which vaccinations are appropriate for your pet here: Vaccination Information for Dogs and Cats.

For your pet’s health needs, our Clinic offers:

  • On-site pharmacy
  • Laboratory
  • Digital x-rays
  • Surgery suite
  • Dental suite