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Our Veterinary Services - Brattleboro Veterinary Clinic


Dr. Bordman's Dog, Chieftain

Dr. Bordman's Dog, Chieftain

Preventative Health Care

  • comprehensive physical exams
  • routine blood testing and fecal testing
  • vaccinations against disease (rabies, distemper, parvovirus, Bordetella, influenza, lyme, leptospirosis, feline leukemia)
  • heartworm testing and preventative medication -flea/tick preventatives

Medical Services

  • exams for sick pets
  • labwork including bloodwork, urinalysis, fecal testing
  • digital x-ray-prescription medications (in house pharmacy and ability to script some meds out to human pharmacy)
  • fluid therapy (IV and SQ)
  • health certificates

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Repair


  • routine spay and neuter for dogs and cats (including VSNIP)
  • mass removals and biopsy
  • cranial cruciate repair
  • fracture repair
  • gastrotomy/enterotomy (foreign body removal)
  • gastropexy


  • Scale and polish
  • extractions if necessary
  • referral to specialists if indicated


  • in house CBC, blood chemistry, urinalysis, fecal, heartworm, tick-borne dz (lyme, anaplasma, ehrlichia), feline leukemia/FIV screening
  • reference labs